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Catapult Steel Buildings offer the finest and most economical Combination Storage and Carport buildings in the industry. All of our combo buildings come with a 10 years standard warranty. Our buildings are completely modular and customizable. You can choose from our economical Regular Garage or add options to match your exact needs. Catapult Steel Buildings Combo Utility Buildings are pre-engineered in our factories to meet your exact specifications then shipped to your site. Prefabricated metal buildings are quick to assemble. Construction of stick-built buildings can take at a few weeks or months to complete. All of our drilling, cutting, and welding is done at the manufacturing sites. This means you can have your Steel Building quick without any mess or hassles.

How to Design Your Carports With Storage

How to Choose Your Width:

Width is one of the biggest determinating factors in cost. The width is usually the smaller of the dimensions, is the gabled end of the building and is clearspan with no supports. Our Buildings range in size from 12 feet wide to 40 feet wide and are designed in three size groups.

12'-24' Economical Frame

Steel Structures in this category use a 2½ by 2½ 14 gauge steel tubing to support the roof and walls and is the most cost-effective frame we offer.

26'-30' Heavy-Duty Frame.

Steel Structures in this category use our heavy-duty 2" x 3" 14 gauge steel tubing to support the roof and walls, creating a strong building.

32'-40' Heavy-Duty Frame.

Steel Structures in this category use our heavy-duty 2" x 3" web trussed 14 gauge steel tubing to support the roof and walls, creating an extremely strong building.

How to Choose Your Length:

The length is usually the longer side of the building. It will have support frames starting at the base rail and continuing to the roof. These frames are standardly spaced 5' apart but can be moved together to increase the strength of the building. This dimension of your building will be the length minus 1 foot for the 6 inches overhang on each side.

How to Choose Your Height:

The standard height is 5 feet, then increases by 1 foot increments from there. Your minimal height is determined by the height of your door. Usually, you need 1 foot taller than a door installed on the gabled or width side and 2 feet if you would like it on the side or length of the building.

The Regular Roof.This is our most economical roof and is available in widths up to 24 feet. This model has round or rolled corners down the length of the building and features horizontal sheeting.

The A-Frame Roof. This roof is a small upgrade from the regular roof and gives a more traditional look to your building. This model features horizontal roof sheeting.

The Vertical Roof. This is our premier roof, it is stronger, leak-resistant, and the most stylish option we have.

Please click here for more detailed information on our roof options.

Catapult Steel Buildings offers 2 types of siding.

Our horizontal siding is the standard. Its corrugation runs horizontally across the building.

The vertical siding is a beautiful upgrade. The sheets run up and down giving your building a beautiful look. Catapult Steel Buildingss recommends vertical siding on buildings over 41 feet long to avoid a "lap seam" at sheet splice.

Catapult Steel Buildings offers a large of options to choose from for you to choose from. Some options include:

Skylights (Vertical Roof Required)


High Wind Anchors