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Roof Types

Catapult Steel Buildings proudly offers 3 roof types to meet your needs. See below for information on our Standard Roof, A-Frame Roof, and Vertical Roof.

The Regular Roof

The Regular Roof image

The regular roof is our most economical style. It has a rolled roof, which comes down the sides about 6 inches strengthening the sides as well as the roof. The ends of the roof overhang 6 inches past the frame on both gabled ends, giving the carport a finished look. We use the longest single sheet in the industry to help prevent your roof from leaking at a seam. Catapult Steel Building's roofs come with a leak warranty. These sheets run horizontally in a single sheet up to 31 feet, allowing this design to be an effective and economical choice for your building.

A Frame Roof

A Frame Roof image

The A-Frame Roof is named for its roofline design. This roof offers a more traditional building look and has a 6 inches overhang past the frame on both ends. Catapult Steel Building's A-Frame carport offers very clean lines and the ability to easily distinguish between the roof and walls. The roof sheets run horizontally in a single sheet up to 31", allowing this design to be an effective and economical choice for your carport.

Vertical Roof

Vertical Roof image

The Vertical Roof is an A-Frame roof with the panels installed vertically instead of horizontally. This means the corrugation of the metal runs from the ridge cap down to the eave of the building. The A-Frame Vertical has the attractive look of traditional metal buildings. This design allows for an unobstructed runoff of rain, snow, and debris. This design offers tremendous advantages. It is a considerably stronger unit as it has additional hat channel supports running horizontally down the building allowing for a heavier roof load and more stable building. The A-Frame Vertical roof also allows for buildings over 31 feet long to remain leak-resistant as there is no roof seam. Catapult Steel Buildings Carports strongly recommends the Vertical Roof Carport for buildings over 36 feet, high snow load and high wind speed areas.